Raze the Roost

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Raze the Roost
Section Kaineng City Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Quill Songfeather
in Xaquang Skyway
(Kaineng City)
Type Secondary quest
Raze The Roost Map.jpg
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Help the Angchu refugees in Kaineng City save their home. This requires bribery, not combat.

Quest information[edit]




The quest itself is straight forward, simply travel between the quest giver and the Minister, and then back.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Quill Songfeather
I should have known never to trust you humans! The Celestial Ministry is planning to demolish our community, known by locals as "The Roost," in favor of a refugee camp. This parcel was granted to us during the peace talks that ended the Tengu Wars. Surely, the emperor is unaware of this decision. As a Tengu, I have very little influence to stop this, but perhaps you can help. Would you speak to Junior Minister Jejiang on our behalf?
Yes Accept: "I will do what I can to help you."
No Decline: "Maybe another time."
Ask Ask: "Have you spoken to Junior Minister Jejiang? I fear there is not much time left before they begin the demolition."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Junior Minister Jejiang
This was granted to the Tengu after the war, eh? I suppose it would not be fair to take it away from them. I will consult with my superiors and see if there is another suitable location for the refugee camp...for the right price, of course. Two platinum should just about do it, do you not agree?
Yes Bribe Junior Minister Jejiang with 2 platinum.
You seem to be a bit short on gold, [Character Name]. Come back when you have more to dedicate to the cause than courage. (If you don't have 2 platinum)
You are about to give 2 platinum to Junior Minister Jejiang, is that okay?
Yes Accept
Ah-ha! Why did I not think of this before? There is a perfect spot for a refugee camp down by the docks that we can use instead of this place. Inform the Tengu that we are moving on. Now that my work is done, I think a trip to the Marketplace is in order...[sic]
No Decline

Reward dialogue[edit]

Quill Songfeather
Thank you. I feared that this situation, if unresolved, would have erupted in civil disobedience. With the plague afflicting the city, that would be the last thing the public needs. My people can be stubborn at times, so I thank you on their behalf.


Bug Bug.You can complete the quest without spending any money: with at least 2 platinum in your inventory, speak to Junior Minister Jejiang and follow the dialogue until the "Accept" and "Decline" options appear. Drop all your money and Accept the reward. (Remember to pick up your cash before zoning out.)


  • Raise the roof is a colloquial expression, dating from the 1860s, meaning to create an uproar.