Scorched Earth (Prophecies quest)

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Scorched Earth
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Elementalist Aziure
in Old Ascalon
Type Secondary quest
(Profession: Elementalist)

Walk around in Old Ascalon and kill 5 Hulking Stone Elementals.

Quest Information[edit]





  • After accepting this quest walk around a little bit and you will find a plenty of hulking stone elementals to kill to complete this quest.


Initial Dialogue[edit]

Elementalist Aziure
"So you want to wield the power of the elements, do you? First, you must prove you are worthy of learning the secrets of the Elementalist. Use fire to overcome the power of earth. Defeat 5 hulking stone elementals and then return to me. Do you think you can do this?"
Yes Accept: "I will wield fire to defeat earth."
No Decline: "I don't think I'm ready for this."
Ask Ask: "Overcome earth through the power of fire. Defeat 5 hulking stone elementals."

Reward Dialogue[edit]

Elementalist Aziure
"You are on your way to walking the path to greater understanding. Well done."


Bug Bug.The counter for x/5 Hulking Stone Elementals goes up even if you kill foes that aren't Hulking Stone Elementals.
Anomaly Anomaly.Oddly, Hulking Stone Elemental bosses, such as Flint Touchstone and Cobble Poundstone, don't add to the counter.