Subversive Ideas

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Subversive Ideas
Section Southern Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Molachev
in Sorrow's Furnace
(Southern Shiverpeaks)
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
Subversive Ideas map.jpg
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Help Molachev deliver secret messages to Dredge Slaves in order to incite their desire for freedom from the slavery of the Stone Summit.

Quest information[edit]


Enter Sorrow's Furnace without To Sorrow's Furnace subquests.




This quest does not guide you with any quest marker. As you wander around Sorrow's Furnace, you will come across many Dredge Slaves scattered about singly. Simply talk to the first five that you come across to complete the quest.

It's useful to perform this quest while doing Tasca's Reprise and Political Ramifications, the other two quests that require that the main Sorrows Furnace quests not be active.


Initial dialogue[edit]


"My people have been oppressed for so long they think freedom is just a dream. I need someone to disseminate these Scrolls of Rebellious Rhetoric to help enlighten them.
It will be dangerous; many are blinded by fear and will react violently to rebellious ideas...but others are willing to listen, if you can find them.
Will you help?"
Yes Accept: "I'm happy to help."
No Decline: "I don't think so."
Ask Ask: "Remember, give the scrolls to those who seem open to speaking with you. Others may attack."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Each Dredge Slave you give the scroll to will respond with one of the following lines (apparently selected randomly):

"Do you really think it's possible to break our bonds? Imagine..."
"Our years of thankless toil in these mines have left many anxious for rebellion. Thank you, friend. These words are just the spark..."
"Someday...I know that this Stone Summit empire will be tomorrow's ashes. Those words bring us the strength to carry on with our fight."
"Thank you. My final days will be spent making the Stone Summit pay for my service."
"Thank you, friend, this is good news indeed. We shall overcome!"
"Your words give me the strength to do what I must. Vilnar Painforge [sic] personally watched as he had his followers kill my family. One day, it will be my turn to return the favor."

Reward dialogue[edit]


"Our message spreads. More and more Dredges are coming over to the cause. The rebellion is in your debt."