Dredge Slave

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Dredge Slave
Dredge melee.jpg
Affiliation Not specified
Type Dredge
Level(s) 20, 24 (24)
Campaigns Prophecies
Eye of the North

Dredge Slaves are found in the Sorrow's Furnace and Vloxen Excavations.



Quests involved in:



When spoken to:

Near the entrance:
"We don't see many humans around here. To be honest, we don't see much at all. You are human, aren't you?"
"What can I help you with?"
Western edge of the Gap, near the crushers:
"Soon my children will be old enough to work the mines. I dread that day with all my heart. They say that one named Molachev can offer them the hope that I cannot."
"Was there something you wished to discuss?"
Eastern edge of the Gap.
"I heard rumors of a rebellion led by one named Molachev. If you ever encounter him, I'd be interested in what he has to say."
"What do you want to talk about?"
North entrance to Sorrow's Belly, under the giant bridge:
"I've been a slave all my life. My parents were slaves, and their parents, and theirs.... Will the cycle never end? Those who would like to see this foul circle broken speak of one near the old temple who knows a way. If only...."
"Was there something you wanted to discuss?"
Northeast entrance to Sorrow's Belly:
"Our lives within these mountains used to be free of toil and oppression. That is, until the Stone Summit came with their overseers and their dark magic to bow our backs."
"Do you have something to talk about?"
South of the Stone Basillica:
"These eyes of mine work well enough for me to tell you aren't one of Grimshackle's men. A noble flame burns within you.."
"Are you looking for something??"
South of the Stone Basillica (near a dead end):
"I don't mind the darkness on my own terms, but all this mining and whipping has a lot of us at our wit's end. There is one near the Stone Basilica who may be our only voice in this darkness."
"What about you? Is there something on your mind?"
In Darkhaven:
"These old hands of mine are no longer of much use. I fear my time is running out..."
"How about you?"
East entrance to Sorrow's Belly:
"The hours are long, our lives are short. Not that I mind all that much... I just wish it were my choice instead of theirs."
"Do you need something?"
Stone Basilica:
"You aren't really one of them, are you? I can tell by your scent; you smell of... kindness. Spending years in the darkness of the mines makes some senses sharper than others."
"Have you a kind word to spare?"

Eye of the North[edit]

Spoken only by the Dredge Slave that triggers the next objective in Dredging the Depths:

"Thank you for saving me!"



Different Dredge Slaves go through different quote cycles:
  • "I heard some of our kind escaped once. I wonder where they are now...."
"A slave's work is never done. This place will surely be the death of me."
"Work fast, you get whipped. Work slow, you get whipped. You just can't win."
  • "They say that outside of this place, a giant golden coin hangs in the sky. I wonder if it is true."
"Beware the iron man who runs this place; he was created by the most foul and evil of magics."
  • "Watch out for the pulverizers! Many a Dredge has died in their teeth."
"I wonder what the female Dwarves look like? Do they have beards, too?"
"Hope was lost for us long ago. We will be slaves for all eternity."

Eye of the North[edit]

After killing Taskmaster Kurg: