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Team of 8[edit]

This vanquish is very easy with a team of 8 composed of 1 player, 3 heroes, and 4 henchmen. Start at Dajkah Inlet (outpost), select your 3 heroes. Then add these henchmen: Kihm, Herta, Sogolon, Gehraz. Then talk to Dockmaster Dimedeh to travel to Kamadan. Do not attempt map travel. By traveling via the dockmaster, your party of 8 (you, 3 heroes, and those specific henchmen) will remain intact upon arrival. Select hard mode and proceed through the exit to Plains of Jarin.

I thought "No way!" so I tried it, but you're right --- confirmed, the party ends up in Kamadan as 8/4. I tried it with 7 heroes and it didn't work, the party got truncated to 4/4. The odd behavior seems to be the result of the henchmen available in Kamadan town not being removed, so if you have any of those present, they remain present on entry to Kamadan.
To confirm this, I tried with 2 players, 2 heroes, and those 4 specific henchmen, and similarly ended up at 8/4. Then I tried with 2 players, 3 heroes, and only 3 of those henchmen, and ended up in Kamadan as 7/4, with one hero removed but the 3 henchmen preserved. The observed behavior suggests that team culling down to 4 is done properly with players and heroes, and henchmen that are not available in Kamadan are removed too as usual, but Kamadan's own henchmen are not included in the removal algorithm. Finally, from testing it seems to make no difference whether any heroes in the party are owned by one player or more.
It can be hard to tell sometimes whether odd behavior is intended by ArenaNet, or a bug. If we're not certain that it's a bug, should we note it as an anomaly at least? Morgaine 08:57, 21 March 2011 (UTC)
This is already noted on the Plains of Jarin page. -- Hong 12:50, 21 March 2011 (UTC)
ArenaNet has already stated that it's not a bug (ArenaNet talk:Miscellaneous bugs/N1#Venta Cemetery returning party size, User talk:Joe Kimmes/Archive August 2009#Party Size in Kamadan and Plains of Jarin). "The observed behavior suggests that team culling down to 4 is done properly with players and heroes". Did you test a party of 8 that consists of 2 players with 3 heroes each? Since according to the first report I linked to, the user was able to get a party of 2 players and 3 heroes to Kamadan after completing Venta Cemetery with 2 players and 6 heroes (which occurred before the 7 hero update). --Silver Edge 04:29, 22 March 2011 (UTC)