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{{Effect infobox
| name =
| image =
| campaign =
| description =
| type =

This template is used for formatting effect pages. It automatically categorises pages based on the type parameter. See the formatting guide for details on formatting effect pages.


Optional. Effect's name (defaults to the pagename).
Optional. Effect's icon (defaults to Image:Effect name.jpg).
Optional. The Campaign in which this effect is available. (defaults to Core).
Optional. For additional campaigns.
In-game description.
concise description
Optional. Short concise skill description
Optional. The energy which is needed as displayed in the effect's description.
Optional. The activation time which is needed as displayed in the effect's description.
Optional. The recharge time which is needed as displayed in the effect's description.
fixed health, fixed energy
Optional. The maximum health/energy when the effect is active.
fixed eregen
Optional. The energy regeneration when the effect is active. Do not place a plus sign (i.e. "+") before the number.
Semi-optional. Defines the effect type and sets the category. Can be automatically set by other paramters (see below). Currently possible values:
  • Environment effect : For environment effects that occur while in a specific area/range.
  • Consumable effect : For effects triggered by using consumables.
  • Disguise : For effects which involve a Disguise.
  • Reputation blessing : For reputation blessings (including bounties).
  • Flux effect : For Flux effects.
Note that the automatically set types can be overwritten by using the type paramter.
consumable, consumable2, consumable3, consumable4
Optional. For Consumable effects. Set this as the name of the consumable item.
Automatically sets type = Consumable effect.
Optional. For Reputation blessings. Set this as the name of the reputation (Eye of the North only)
Automatically sets type = Reputation blessing.

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