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This is a sub-template used in infoboxes. It inserts a row based on the catch-all "campaign" parameter, splitting into campaigns, events etc.


campaign, expansion, event or beyond chapter. See below for a list of detected values.
background-color. Optional, defaults to none.
Optional category suffix. If the first parameter is a Beyond chapter, the page will be added to "Category:Beyond <suffix>"

Possible values for the first parameter[edit]

  • Campaigns:
    • core
    • prophecies
    • factions
    • nightfall
    • eye of the north
    • bonus mission pack
  • Beyond stuff:
    • beyond
    • trial of zinn
    • war in kryta
    • hearts of the north
    • winds of change
  • Events:
    • canthan new year
    • lucky weekend
    • april fools' day
    • sweet treat weekend
    • birthday celebration
    • day of the tengu
    • dragon festival
    • wayfarer's reverie
    • talk like a pirate event
    • special treats weekend
    • halloween
    • wintersday


{{Infobox campaign row|War in Kryta}}


Dummy Infobox
Campaign Core
Campaign Prophecies
Campaign Eye of the North
Storyline Beyond: War in Kryta
Storyline Beyond: Winds of Change
Storyline Beyond
Event Halloween
Event Dragon Festival
Storyline syurfabugsfkce