Too High a Price

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Too High a Price
Section Kaineng City Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Nakai
in Bukdek Byway
(Kaineng City)
Type Secondary quest
Too High a Price map.jpg
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Mitah is in debt and she can't pay, so it's up to you to help her.

Quest information[edit]


Wait until the end of the dialog between Sunzu and Nakai.


  • Speak to Nakai about the loan.
  • Speak to Sunzu about the loan.
  • Speak to Mitah about the loan.
  • Return to Sunzu and discuss the loan.
  • Defeat Sunzu and his men.
  • See Nakai for your reward.



Nakai and Sunzu can initially be found in Bukdek Byway, east of The Marketplace: you will need to head east from the Marketplace over the bridge where the merchants and peasants are located, then double back over a shorter bridge south of this one.

When your party approaches them, Nakai and Sunzu will have an argument about the debt Mitah owes, then Sunzu will run off back over the bridge towards Mitah. When Sunzu has gone far enough, Nakai will offer this quest.

Head back to Mitah and Sunzu and speak to them in turn, and decide which of Sunzu's choices for the debt fix you prefer, either pay up 250 gold to help out Mitah, or refuse and kill Sunzu. If you refuse, and choose to kill Sunzu, a group of Jade Brotherhood members will appear (3 Mages and 1 Mesmer) and Sunzu himself will turn hostile and attack.

Finally, head back across the bridge to collect your reward from Nakai.



  • Warrior 10 (20) Sunzu (turns hostile due to specific choices)


Humans (Jade Brotherhood)


Initial dialogue[edit]

"I am ill. My thoughtful daughter, Mitah, took it upon herself to procure me some medicine. The truth is we could not afford it, so instead she took out a loan from Sunzu with nothing as collateral. When I found out what she had done, I tried to return the money, but he is demanding that I pay him a fee of 250 gold! We do not have that kind of money."
Yes Accept: "I'll take care of it."
No Decline: "Sounds like somebody needs to get a second job..."
Ask Ask: "Please help us. Try talking to Sunzu. Maybe you can convince him to forgive the debt."

Intermediate Dialogue[edit]

"What's that? You are here about Mitah's loan, eh? She borrowed 100 gold at my standard rate. She now owes me 250, not a coin less. Speak to her if you want to know more. Now leave me alone."
"Are you sure he said 250 gold? He said it was without interest! It does not matter. I shall get my father his medicine and fullfill my obligation, even if it means living under the thumb of that cursed loan shark until I die! It is the least I can do to honor my father, considering how he has always taken care of me."
"You are back. The girl did not have any valuables to use as collateral, so we worked out...another arrangement. Until she pays back the loan in full, she must work off her debt to me any way I see fit. What is it to you?"
Ask Here's your lousy 250 gold.
Ask There must be some other way.
Sunzu: "I do not care where the money comes from, so long as it is repaid. You and I both know that common trash like this one is not worth half the amount."
(Choose one of the other options)
Ask Here is another arrangement. I Take the loan out of your hide, and you die like the worthless scum you are!
(Defeat Sunzu's Jade Brotherhood allies that drop down.)

Reward Dialogue[edit]

"You paid off the loan? Gods be praised! I cannot believe you would be so willing to help out a stranger like this. Thank you very much!"


Bug Bug.Sometimes Nakai won't offer the quest after Sunzu has run far enough to normally trigger the offer. Running back to Mitah, then back to Nakai can correct this.
Bug Bug.Sometimes Sunzu's helpers only spawn when you run through that area at a later time, even if you handed in the quest in the meanwhile.


  • After you defeat Sunzu and his helpers, Mitah runs towards her father.
  • She will also continue running back and forth from her father to near where Sunzu was defeated.