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Affian Winterheart

Jukka Kittenheart

Kalem Winterhart

Affian Kittenheart

Affian Winterhart

Elias Darkheart

Current Personal Projects

Get a computer that can run Guildwars again

Things wanted in Guildwars

  • Sort characters by last played
  • Logon message for buddies and guildies
  • A friends chat channel

Now accepting donations for Jarrel the Tamer's plastic surgery. Help bring back a little bit of Pre-Searing!

Here is a link to the page I use for my tabs incase anyone wanted it.

Handy Links

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European territory.
This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.
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UP This user loves making user pages
Lightning Reflexes.jpg This user prefers DDR to working out.
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Thanks to Lord-Biro for the icons; Lensor For her Character tables; and Mojah for the idea of the tabs.