Jarrel the Tamer

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Jarrel the Tamer
Ascalon tamer.jpg
Affiliation Tyrians
Type Human
Profession Ranger Ranger
Service Pet Tamer
Level(s) 2,10 (20)
Campaign Prophecies
Jarrel the Tamer map1.jpg
Location in Regent Valley (pre-Searing)
Jarrel the Tamer map2.jpg
Location in Old Ascalon

Jarrel the Tamer is the only pet tamer in the Prophecies campaign. He claims that he gathers animal companions to sell them to a wealthy client in Cantha.




The Dialogue is the same in both pre and post Searing:

"You might consider me something of an animal lover. I've trekked across Tyria and bargained with adventurers from distant lands to acquire my menagerie of creatures, especially the exotic ones. Say you look like the adventuring type. You don't happen to have a creature you'd like me to see, would you?"
"What do you do with the animals you collect?"
"While some of the creatures I acquire get shipped to wealthy patrons in Cantha, I can't help but keep some of them for my own personal collection. I have such a fondness for the furry, the feathery, and the scaly. Nothing quite beats waking up in the morning to the howling of a magnificent wolf!


  • Like all tamers, when he takes your animal companion, he will pay 100Gold if it is at level 20. Also note that in pre-Searing Ascalon Jarrel will take your animal companion for free at any level.