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General Info Rak Kathal User:Apocalypsefu/ User:Apocalypsefu/ User:Apocalypsefu/ [[]]

General Information[edit]

  • Handle: Rak Kathal (my main)
  • Location: Illinois, United States
  • Realm: North America
  • Age: 15
  • Gender: Male

Info About Me[edit]

I have been playing Guild Wars for about 15 months. I am in the guild Angels Sanguinius and I am a officer of that guild. I will spend half the time I play Guild Wars looking at Guild Wars Wiki to see if im going the right way or if there are any bosses with any good skills to capture.

I mostly play PvE but I will play PvP every so often. My favorite profession is being a Ranger and my second is a Necromancer. I have two Roleplaying characters, my main is Rak Kathal and my other is Kip Planet (which is by brother's character). I have almost competed the Prophecies campaign on Rak Kathal. I also plan on getting Nightfall very soon.

The titles that I am working for are Drunkard or Sweet Tooth, Tyrian Explorer, Skillz, and Seeker of Wisdom.

I will also run players to places every so offten to get some extra cash (which im not to great at getting).


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