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Real life name: I'll give you a hint it has absolutely zero to do with any alias I use on the web.

User name just about anywhere whether it be email forum or most games: Chukie1188

IGN: Everlast Firemage (also Everlast Duffman and Lifegiver)

Current Ingame Projects: see Characters

What I do on this wiki: I'm not familiar enough with wikis to help with format or writing huge articles but I can proofread. Bad grammar annoys me and as a native english speaker its easy for me to fix it.

I've been playing Guild Wars for about 4 months and using wikis for what seems like forever. Logically I would know nearly everything about wikis and nothing about Guild Wars. In actuality the reverse is true I know way more about Guild Wars then any person whos only had the game since mid january ever should and so little about wikis its frightening. In general I suck at coding but I feel a concerted effort should be made in the case of wikis. If anyone cares to teach me and idle on a completely random IRC network please stop by I'm a Global op so if you ask for me odds are someone knows where I am. I also help to administrate an online text based game Knights Divine and its sister game Knights Divine: Lightning. O and I go to college. lol. More to come as I play around with this thingy (yes I just referred to GWW as a "thingy.")