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This is a work in Progress its essentially my wiki playground for the moment. Ill add pictures and a more cohesive format as I learn more/steal more code lol.

I have 3 level 20 characters all with the first name Everlast and red hair. Odds are if you see a red haired guy named Everlast in a US district followed by a general description of his role, ie. Firemage, Lifegiver etc. its me.

By and far my favorite character is Everlast Firemage something about dealing absurd damage to everything I see appeals to me. For this reason I think Gwen is quite possibly the most amazing little girl ever.


Things obtained:

MissionIcon.png This character is a Protector of Tyria.
FactionsMissionIcon.png This character is a Protector of Cantha.
NightfallMissionIcon.png This character is a Protector of Elona.
Sunspear Rebirth Signet.jpg This character is a Spearmarshal.

Current Goals:

Vabbian Armor dyed black or possibly a purple black mix.

Legendary Vanquisher

Legendary Guardian

Legendary Cartographer

Legendary Skill Hunter

(I set easy goals honest)

I wield Exuro's Will

My armor is for the moment basic Istani with Superior Fire Magic, Minor Energy Storage, Major Vigor, Vitae x2 and survivor insignia on each piece. My HP with no mods is 566 my energy 84. I can maintain constant damage providing I dont do something stupid (like casting lesser energy without having fire attunement up and losing out on a net energy gain -.-)