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Cyberman Mastermind[edit]

Were I to chose between my blade and my pet, I would gladly give up the former, rather than losing the latter...

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Ravage and me
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My purpose here[edit]

Mainly gathering information about the game, looking up quests and such. Sometimes I might add to a discussion, or on rare occassions contribute to an article.

I liked the idea of providing some information about myself, in case anyone actually is interested. Unfortunately, as you can see above, I'm neither good at design nor at using those wiki commands.

In fact, I seem to have tremendous problems whenever I want to add something to drop research. For some reason, even if I copy a previous line, the layout is garbled after my edits. I like to claim that I'm quite good at using HTML - but I'm not sure if I'll EVER be able to cope with WIKI commands...