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Danton The Holy Danton The Monster Avatar O Wintersday Victo Of Orr Assassin Of Menzies

Yulin The Spiritual Yulin the Protector Yulin The Adept Yulin The Mystic Yulin The Wicked
Yulin The Swift Yulin The Deadeye The Noob Police Yeeaah Haaa Crap Im Dead

Warrior-icon.png Victo Of Orr
Eviscerate.jpg Eviscerate is Character Name's favorite Elite skill.
Mending.jpg Mending is Character Name's favorite skill.
User Danton Victo Of Orr.JPG
Favorite Builds:
"For Great MENDING!"
Distracting Blow.jpg
Executioner's Strike.jpg
Signet of Capture.jpg
"For Great Justice!".jpg
Resurrection Signet.jpg
"Which do you prefer? 'Quick and painless' or 'Slow and agonizing'?"
  • Warrior
  • Level 20, Orrian
  • Gender: Male Male.png
  • Height: 7/8 Max Height
  • Created: Before Wintersday 2007
  • Experience: N/A
  • Age: ?
  • Weapons:
  • Pet:
  • N/A
  • Miniature:
  • Charr Shaman
  • Non-Celestial Pig
  • Elite Skills
To Add Soon
  • Unlocked heroes:
To Add Soon
  • Titles:
  • None
  • Guild Earned Titles
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  • Makeover
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  • Other Accomplishments:
  • None
  • Goals:
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