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Produce a list of the standard requirements for a quest in a particular campaign. Will not always be applicable to every quest, but should improve consistency (and reduce tedium) for those for which it is appropriate.

{{ Standard prerequisites
| campaign = 
| nationality = 
| hero = 
| profession = 
| primary = 
| secondary = 
| test = 


The identity of the campaign.
  • pre Prophecies, pre-Searing. (default)
  • prophecies Prophecies, post-Searing.
  • factions Factions.
  • nightfall Nightfall.
  • eotn Eye of the North.
Optional. Required character nationality. (default: by campaign)
  • Tyrian
  • Canthan
  • Elonian
  • non-Tyrian
  • non-Canthan
  • non-Elonian
Optional. Hero required in party. (default: unset)
Optional. Profession (either in full, or abbreviated). (default: unset)
Optional. Whether or not the profession must be the primary profession. Possible values:
  • n Either primary or secondary permitted. (default)
  • y Only primary permitted.
Optional. Whether or not a secondary profession disqualifies. Possible values:
  • y Characters with a secondary profession are disqualified. (default)
  • n Characters with no secondary profession also permitted.
Optional. For pre-Searing, whether or not the primary profession test must be complete.
  • y The primary profession test must be complete. (default)
  • n The primary profession test need not be complete.


{{ Standard prerequisites
| campaign = factions
{{ Standard prerequisites
| campaign = pre
| profession = monk
{{ Standard prerequisites
| campaign = nightfall
| nationality = non-Elonian
{{ Standard prerequisites
| campaign = eotn
| nationality = Tyrian
| hero = Gwen (Eye of the North)

Required Hero: Gwen Gwen Gwen