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Igor's Citadel
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Campaign Core
Region The Battle Isles
Type Explorable area
Exit(s) Sjacie's Isle
Alyssaa's Domain
Barry's Icedome
Roberts Hammer Mines

Igor's Citadel[edit]

Igor's Citadel is named after the Mighty lord himself. As on of the notabel members of Alyssa's Guild, The Legend Of Peace, he got a special place among them. A top of his citadel he keeps a eye on those who want to overthow him. This area mostly contains dead body's of those who tried to enter without a invitation and those who tried to overthrow the lord. But Igor's Citadel is one of the most breath taking structures, hovering high above Barry's Icedome it overlooks the other explorable area's of the notable members of The Legend of Peace.

Getting there[edit]

Only those who got a invitation obtained from Alyssa Devona may enter.




  • Warrior 33(45) - Avatar of the Lord.
  • Ranger 33(45) - Mirror of the Icedome.
  • Monk 33(45) - Mending Breeze.
  • Mesmer 33(45) - Hammer of the Mines.
  • Dervish 33(45) - Mirror of the Armpit.
  • Paragon 33(45) - Shoutalot.
  • Assassin 33(45) - Shadowstalker.
  • Ritualist 1(0) - Right hand of the lord.
  • Necromancer 33(45) - Mirror of the Lovely one.
  • Elementalist 33(45) - Mirror of the Domain.

Boss-Like Foes[edit]

  • Warrior 40(55) - Alian Bonecrusher.
  • Warrior 40(55) - Cetje the Warrior.
  • Warrior 40(55) - Don Richardos.
  • Necromancer 40(55) - Lovely Necromancer.
  • Monk 40(55) - Unnamed One.
  • Elementalist 40(55) - Mirror of the Unforgiving One.
  • Warrior/Dervish 1337(9001) - Igor


While in this Explorable Igor will shout out random Qoute's of the whenever.

  • "Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings."
  • "If you have 5 dollars and chuck norris has 5 dollars. Chuck norris has more money then you!".
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