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Sjacie's Isle
User Sjacie SjaciesIsle.jpg
Campaign Core
Region Kryta
Type Explorable area
Exit(s) Alyssa's Domain
Barry's Icedome
Igors Citadel
Pims Stade
The Guild Hall
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Sjacie's Isle[edit]

Sjacie's Isle is named after it's discoverer Sjacie The Guardian. As one of the officers of Alyssa's Guild, The Legend Of Peace, he was declared the governor of the isle. The island was once a place of beauty and peace. It was also a sanctuary for the sea faring people of tyria. But long ago it changed. Now most of the island is a graveyard where the ghosts of the past take shape.

On the island are a keep and a harbor which are safe from the spirits, for now.

In the middle of the island stands a Statue of the most valiant hero of our time.

Getting there[edit]

There is no known way of getting here and if you do it is advised you leave as quick as you got there.


There are boats leaving from the harbor that can take you to these areas:

The one-way asura gate in the keep can take you to these areas:



  • Warrior Sjacie The Guardian
  • Ranger Sjacie The Scout
  • Necromancer Sjacie The Necro
  • Mesmer Alyssa Kutkut
  • Elementalist Alian Bananacrusher
  • Ritualist Reborn Was Sjaco
  • Paragon Reborn Was Sjacie
  • Any-tango-icon-200.png Sjacie The Joker


  • Warrior Bloodlynx
  • Warrior Hasty Slayer
  • Warrior The Baron
  • Warrior The Don
  • Warrior/Dervish The Rad Russian
  • Ranger/Ranger Ratman Rangah
  • Monk Bullet Proof Mursaat
  • Monk/Warrior Confessor Liizziiee
  • Monk Dedicated Mini Monk
  • Monk Golden Fire
  • Necromancer Gravedigger Cigar
  • Necromancer Lovely Reaper
  • Mesmer Bloody Hell Hexer
  • Elementalist Alyssa The Ruthless
  • Elementalist Anti Centaur
  • Elementalist Nieuwtje Magistrate
  • Assassin Mistik Blades
  • Assassin Slave Of Alyssa
  • Assassin/Necromancer Justiciar Horrorz
  • Assassin Sorena
  • Ritualist Shiny Was Olivier
  • Ritualist The Reborn
  • Dervish/Dervish Dervish Master Meryn
  • Dervish Little J Otto
  • Dervish Oksie The Destroyer
  • Dervish Predator
  • Paragon Licky Girl
  • Unknown Bloody Hell Bunny


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