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About MrPaladin

This is a name I have used for a very long time... It relates to both the RPG Class found in many games and generic references to being a Holy Knight. I am a Christian gamer. I'm currently leading a PvE Guild Full Armor of God who do regular Vanq or ZQuest and ZBounty and Wanted.




  • Warrior Greater Than Angels Warrior Farm, Title Hunter
  • Ranger Soar on Eagle Wings Ranger Beast Master
  • Paragon The Word is Alive Paragon Imbagon
  • Elementalist Gabriel No Fear Elementalist Playing thru Campaigns
  • Ritualist Spirit Within Me Ritualist Spirit spammer
  • Necromancer Empty Tomb Necromancer Necro Bomber / Minion Master
  • Assassin Jn Ten Ten Assassin Ecto farm
  • Monk Dust in a Measure Monk Unused

Trivia: All my character names are based on biblical refereneces... Two of them around my favorite verses in Isaiah 40

  • I have sinned, and I admit that to God and others. I strive to repent and never sin again.
  • I believe that Jesus who is Christ is the son of God. God took human form to teach us how to live perfectly and died in payment for my sin.
  • Jesus Christ is my Savior and paid the sufficient price for my sin that I will be forever saved.
  • Party in groups with my alliance
  • Building up the Guild
  • Chat about matters of faith
  • Farm every now and then
  • Vanquish



  • Taking oportunities I have ingame to share my faith
  • Runs and Farming to save cash.
  • Saving to buy my next favored charactor a kickin armor and weapon set.
  • Title Hunting with my main.
  • Zquests, Zbountys to earn Zoins
  • Wanted

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