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Pim's Stade
Campaign Core
Region Blazeridge Mountains
Type Outpost
Party size 8
Exit(s) Alyssa's Domain
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Pim's Stade[edit]

This small outpost, guarded by his phenomenal walls and brave soldiers, was founded by Warrior Of Haste. Pim's Stade lies on the southern edge of the Blazeridge Mountains and north of the Crystal Desert, making it a rarely visited place. Except the strong and beautiful gate, the only other entrance is through the asuran gate that lies in the center of this small outpost. The asuran gate leads to Alyssa's Domain. This gate was build here by Oola, in order to provide soldiers to defend Pim's Stade when the charr would've breached through Ascalons defenses. Altough, the charr never got so far south and if they will, the strong walls of Pim's Stade will hold out many battles before it will fall into enemy hands. The Asura Gate is used at least 10 times a day, not for transporting soldiers, but for the extremely good cookies and milk Pim provides, which are of course loved by Alyssa.

Getting there[edit]

Being stupid enough by travelling to Alyssa's Domain in the first place and if you make it to the gate, being stupid enough travelling through it, will lead you into this town and if you are not a friend, it will lead to your death.


By using the Asura Gate to Alyssa's Domain, you can continue from there to these areas:



Dervish-icon.pngMichelle Windwalker

Elementalist-icon.pngMiss Ele Nl

Warrior-icon.pngWarrior Of Haste

Paragon-icon.pngA Luz Na Escuridao

Ranger-icon.pngMiss Ranger Nl

Mesmer-icon.pngEu Sou A Ilusao

Monk-icon.pngElite Army Priest V

Assassin-icon.pngWarding Assassin

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The ReBuilding[edit]

Ranger-icon.pngM Delicious