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Greetings. My name is David, the MacLeod's butler here at their estate. I understand you are seeking some history of the MacLeod's.

There were three groups of MacLeod's; The Tyrian MacLeod's, the Canthan MacLeod's and the Elona MacLeod's. They were all headed by the MacLeod patriarch, Fergus of Ascalon. That is, until tragedy stuck. Fergus and his wife Colina both died during the Searing. Alan, the head of the Canthan MacLeod's, having lost his wife several years earlier, fell ill to the plague and passed on. Boyd and and his wife Bethia had both been lost fighting against the Corsairs. Contact amongst the 3 groups ceased. Then, over time, the three groups found each other once again.

Recently, an offshoot of the Canthan MacLeod's was discovered. This offshoot has been fully accepted as part of the original Clan.

Feel free to make use of the books here in the library for more information. And if you need anything, please be sure and ask.

Primary Account

Ranger Garreth

User Garreth MacLeod Gar.jpg

Warrior Gillean

User Garreth MacLeod Gil.jpg

Monk "Doc" Manachan

User Garreth MacLeod Doc.jpg

Necromancer Morrigan

User Garreth MacLeod Morri.jpg

Ranger Moira

User Garreth MacLeod Moira.jpg

Ritualist Scott

User Garreth MacLeod Scott.jpg

Mesmer Fiona

User Garreth MacLeod Fi.jpg

Assassin Briana

User Garreth MacLeod Bri.jpg

Dervish Ceana

User Garreth MacLeod Ceana.jpg

Paragon Kyle

User Garreth MacLeod Kyle.jpg

Elementalist Elizabeth

User Garreth MacLeod Liz.jpg

Secondary Account

Ranger Maggie

User Garreth MacLeod Maggie.jpg

Monk Marnie

User Garreth MacLeod Marnie.jpg

Clan Macleod Pets

The MacLeod's have long held to the belief that the conservation of the animals of Tyria needed to be secure. It was with great excitement that the MacLeod's received news of the menagerie endeavor put forth by the Zaishen. Once this became a reality, the MacLeod's quickly gathered at least one of each species from across Tyria to help in the conservation efforts.

This book User Garreth MacLeod MacMenagerie Book.pngcontains a listing of the animals provided to the Zaishen by the MacLeod's. To date, only one species of animal remains to be added by the MacLeod's. That is the Moss Spider, obtainable only through the use of a Moss Spider Egg provided by Nicholas the Traveler.

~ ~ ~ ~

Addendum: I write this with great excitement. Yesterday Lavina, Moira, and I traveled to the Twin Serpents Lake region to trade with Nicholas Sandford. It seems Nick is stocking up on herring and we were able to provide quite a few to help him out.

Having made our trade, we returned to Lion's Arch via boat from Sanctum Cay. We gathered with the rest of the clan to open the gifts that Nick had given us in exchange for the herrings. We got the normal assortment of sweets and party favors which will be enjoyed by all. Holding my gift in my hands, I couldn't help but notice that it felt lighter than most of the other gifts we'd had in the past. I removed the wrapping in my normal fashion and opened the box. With some surprise, I found a red velvet bag inside the box. I knew that we had something unusual. The entire clan was now straining to see what it was that I had received. I proceeded to open the bag and looked inside. To my great amazement, inside the bag was an egg. I knew at once that it was the egg of a Moss Spider. Doc later told me my eyes lit up brighter than the flame in the firepit when I opened that bag. And I suppose that is true. The Moss Spider was the one animal we had not yet found for the Zaishen Menagerie. And, at last, we had an egg that would provide that animal. To this day I still remember sitting with Lance at the shrine to Melandru in Regent Valley watching the Moss Spiders wander to and fro. And following Carlotta's trail from the Henge of Denravi.

The egg is now safe and sound back in the velvet bag and safely stored away until we can get to the menagerie. The 121st day of 1078AE in the Season of the Phoenix is a day I will remember the rest of my life. Thanks Nick!

~ Garreth, son of Fergus MacLeod

Clan MacLeod Titles

The MacLeod's have several titles amongst themselves. These are the titles bestowed upon the entire clan.

  • Champion of the Luxons (5810000 Luxon faction)
  • Companion of the Zaishen (1195 points)
  • Golden (1064625 tickets won)
  • Tragic (74458 games lost)
  • Adept Treasure Hunter (536 chests)
  • Devourer of Wisdom (1682 items)
Clan MacLeod