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About me.[edit]

~When I was young I picked up on a card game called Magic: The Gathering. i started in the Prophecies expansion when i picked up a deck called Distress. little did i know that the card inside, Avatar of Woe, was worth more then the deck. I quickly became somewhat good at playing the game. When the Odyssey cycle came out, the second card pictured (grim lavamancer) quickly took my attention. This card inspired me and I quickly began to improve much faster than ever before. For Those that dont know, a lavamancer is a mage that draws power from lava, just like a necromancer draws power from death and a culinaromancer draws power from food. It was a catalist that made me a much stronger player in both stratagy and skill. My name is called lavamancer because it is an exceptionally fun name.

thats about it for me for now, if i ever think of something, ill edit my page


if you know where that joke came from, message my talk page with where its from and I will add you to the list. people who got the joke:

  • me
  • (your name here, hopefully)