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About MeUser Smurf .png[edit]

Hello All I am Anolie Midknight Aka Brandy. I love to be part of the community and hang out with everyone or just plan party. I am the owner of Black Star Radio. I've usually really busy either in RL or in Game. I'm a hard core gamer so if i do not respond right away just, i apologize.

I also have a second home i like to call it. The Lost Alliance of my good friends reside there. I go over there to Drive them nuts and visa verse. I love the community of Guild wars, i also know a lot of people in game. So i forget a lot of peoples names, Please forgive me.

I am the Leader of ARK. It's a semi active guild but was once a Great and wondrous Guild.


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Guild Wars[edit]

I have Played Guild wars for about 3 years now. And I'm a mostly PVE person,
But here recently I've been getting into the PVP side of the game.
I'm mainly working on titles. Also wanted to get max armor on all my chars.

Contact Me[edit]

You can reach me through My talk page on this wiki.

You can also reach me in game: Dj Kelli

You can also Reach me by email-

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