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Friends and Allies

Tidus Yumemiru

Roc Dis Joint

Hatari Samakai

Daniel Frozenwind

Dj Tesla

Dj Kelli

Tender Wolf

The Soul Slayer

A woman desperate to save her unborn child, makes a pact with the Gods. That should her unborn child live on, that child will on her 20th birthday become The Soul Slayer, a servant of the gods. A task which will see her slay 1,000 escaped souls from Grenth's Underworld. That child is Kitiara Queensguard...

Click here to see The Soul Slayer Series to date:

Chapter 1 Part 3 is done! See the playlist for the new episode and Premiere Party!

Click to read more about The Soul Slayer!

This movie was originally inspired by the screenshot contest on Guild Wars Guru known as Tyria's Next Top Superstar during an assignment. I won first place!

Guild Wars Character

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Guild Wars Video Makers Group

The GWVM Group where creators of Guild Wars videos can feature & promote their videos, post video competitions, recruit actors and help to make their videos. To become a member you must have made at least one Guild Wars video. However ANYONE is free to browse and enjoy the group!


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