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I will update this page as soon as I can.

Currently I have six Characters:

Pre Champ Ranger

Permanent Pre-Searing character Pre Champ

Power Shot.jpgPoint Blank Shot.jpgDual Shot.jpgRead the Wind.jpgFrenzy.jpgHealing Signet.jpgTroll Unguent.jpgComfort Animal.jpg

He wears the Pre-searing max set of armor dyed white, and a Poisonous Nevermore Flatbow with a +28hp upgrade. I'm currently looking for a 12-20 14^50 +18%vs Charr for him so I can finally ditch his bonus bow.

Sylvanas Leafseer Ranger

Sylvanas Leafseer
  • Sylvanas Leafseer is a R/any and she was created for the purpose of trapping in DoA, but since they nerfed Energizing Wind a day later I kind of abandoned her, but again started using her and then she became my main for over a year. I definitely played her the most, that's why she has the most maxed titles and the best stuff. Her skills and attributes are as follows: Expertise 14, Marksmanship 13, plus rank 7 Norn and rank 6 Asura ( I can't be arsed to farm more points, I hate farming from the depths of my soul).

For PvP, mainly AB: Broad Head Arrow.jpgPoint Blank Shot.jpgZojun's Shot.jpgRapid Fire.jpgPin Down.jpgThrow Dirt.jpgAntidote Signet.jpgDeath's Charge.jpg

For RA I switch Antidote signet and Death's Charge for Mirrored Stance.jpg (lots of escape Rangers in RA these days) and Resurrection Signet.jpg

I don't play PvE anymore with her, since I beat all campaigns in NM and HM, but if I have to help some of my friends I use the appropriate running build or this high +damage build:

Glass Arrows.jpgSundering Attack.jpgPenetrating Attack.jpgTriple Shot.jpgDistracting Shot.jpgAsuran Scan.jpg"I Am The Strongest!".jpgResurrection Signet.jpg

Angel Snowflake Xx Paragon

Angel Snowflake Xx
  • Angel is a P/any and is my oldest character of all. He was my main until I beat the campaigns on NM and got him the armor I think looks best. I use him mainly for doing dungeons or fun in AB or something ^^ Skills and attributes: Leadership 10, Spear Mastery 13, Command 10

Soldier's Fury.jpgMighty Throw.jpgBlazing Spear.jpgVicious Attack.jpg"Go for the Eyes!".jpg"Stand Your Ground!".jpgAnthem of Envy.jpgResurrection Signet.jpg

Mr Colors Monk

Mr Colors
  • Mr Colors is, as you can see, very colorful ^_^. In my opinion, that is the best monk armor combination and I'm really proud of how he looks =D Fits his name perfectly. I usually play a bonder build or something fun with him in RA: Protection Prayers 14, Divine Favor 12, Healing Prayers 5, Smiting Prayers 2

Shield of Regeneration.jpgDismiss Condition.jpgShield of Absorption.jpgGuardian.jpgCure Hex.jpgBlessed Signet.jpgBalthazar's Spirit.jpgLife Bond.jpg

Alyx Shadowblade Warrior

Alyx Shadowblade

This build is for PvE, and is my own concoction. It provides constant KD on a boss or anything else that can survive for more than two hits, he deals large AoE and not to even mention almost CONSTANT 100 Armor increase on all other members. It also has a nice powerful self heal which can be replaced with a Resurrection Signet. Attributes: Swordsmanship14, Strength 13

Dragon Slash.jpgWhirlwind Attack.jpgBrawling Headbutt.jpgFlail.jpg"Save Yourselves!".jpgLion's Comfort.jpgEnraging Charge.jpg"For Great Justice!".jpg

For PvP I use a standard Cripslash build:

Crippling Slash.jpgGash.jpgStanding Slash.jpgFinal Thrust.jpgSavage Slash.jpgFlail.jpgEnraging Charge.jpgResurrection Signet.jpg

Lamin of AscalonWarrior

Lamin of Ascalon
  • Lamin of Ascalon is my newest character, and I made him for the purpose of doing quests and filling wiki with information on them ^^ He burned through all quests in Pre-Searing, Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, and Eye of the North, and I did all the dungeons in NM with him. Fitting his name, he is wearing a full set of Elite Charr Hide armor (except the leggings, which are regular Charr Hide Leggings) dyed white, along with a Furious Charr Sword of Fortitude and a Charr Shield of Fortitude. Lamin of Ascalon is also using all my Sword+Shield combos with +20% damage vs. species and +10 armor vs. species, stored in his Heavy Equipement Pack.

With Lamin of Ascalon I also completed every book there is, and which are currently sitting in my library in the Xunlai Chest. In PvE I use a modified version of Alyx's build, with a high Deldrimor rank and with constant Protective Spirit and Vigorous Spirit, of course.

Dragon Slash.jpgLow Blow.jpgBrawling Headbutt.jpgSteelfang Slash.jpgFrenzy.jpgEnraging Charge.jpg"Save Yourselves!".jpg"For Great Justice!".jpg