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MadSkillz1o1 IRL

Hello everyone, this is MadSkillz1o1 also known as Pre Champ.

About Me

I love video games! My favorite are Guild Wars, Halo: Combat Evolved, Mass Effect 1, Half-Life 2, Left 4 Dead, Counter Strike:Source, Warcraft 3, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, Guitar Hero III, Team Fortress 2, Portal, and many more! I am a big fan of game wikis. In GW, I liked the Prophecies story the best, I think it had the best twists and I liked how you progressed to 20 slowly. In PvP I play anything I think is fun, sometimes I play Paragon in AB or Warrior or Monk in RA, but not much anymore. I dislike GvG and HA because I think it's too big and if you're late to the party you can never start without friends, because people won't accept you into their party. But what I hate most of all is FARMING and GRINDING. I hate these with a burning fury. I got all my money through trading and picking up drops from monsters, but I never really got anything good except a few black and white dyes.

What I'm Working On

Currently I'm working on The Quest Project, filling the info on quest pages as I go through the quests with Lamin of Ascalon.


Accomplishments to do before release of GW2

  • Finish all Pre-Searing quests
  • Finish all Prophecies quests
  • Finish all Factions quests
  • Finish all Nightfall quests
  • Finish all Eye of the North quests
  • Finish all dungeons on NM
  • Finish UW, FoW and DoA
  • Finish The Deep and
  • Play each challenge mission once
  • Obtain at least rank 5 on all reputation titles
  • Get the best bow available normally in Pre-Searing
  • Obtain a full Zaishen Menagerie
  • Obtain the Flameseeker title in the Hall of Monuments

What I'm Buying

I'm collecting Sword Pommels of <species> slaying. These are the ones I have:

  • Sword Pommel of Charrslaying
  • Sword Pommel of Deathbane
  • Sword Pommel of Giantslaying
  • Sword Pommel of Trollslaying
  • Sword Pommel of Pruning
  • Sword Pommel of Dragonslaying
  • Sword Pommel of Demonslaying

And these are the ones I need:

  • 2x Sword Pommel of Dwarfslaying
  • Sword Pommel of Giantslaying
  • Sword Pommel of Ogreslaying
  • Sword Pommel of Tenguslaying
  • Sword Pommel of Skeletonslaying

Please leave a message on my talk page if you have any of the ones I need =) Thank you!

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