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Hi im Nindearia and I love guild wars. I am more of a PvP lover then a PvE guy. My favorite profession is Dervish with secondary Elementist.--Nindearia 21:05, 24 April 2008 (UTC)

Ride the Lightning.jpg This is my favorite skill, my dervish build is this. Split attributes between Earth Prayers, Air Magic and Scythe. Skills 1.Conjoure Lightning. 2.Vital Boom. 3.Mystic Regeneration. 4.Shell Shock. 5.Ride The Lightning. 6.Aura Slicer. 7.Mystic Sweep 8.Another Scythe Attack. (sorry if i spelt stuff wrong =p)

Worrior Hammer Build. Max Str and Max Hammer. 1.Lion's Comfort 2.Enraging Charge 3."For Great Justice!" 4.Mokele Smash 5.Backbreaker 6.Crushing Blow 7.Staggering Blow 8.Fierce Blow

First Pick a Target then use Enraging Charge. When you are close use "For Great Justice!" and use Mokele Smash strait away. When you hit you will get 10 addrenelin and you can use backbreaker to annoy them. Use other attacks in order and repete. Please tell me if it is any good.--Nindearia 18:24, 28 April 2008 (UTC)

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I forgot to say that i have 2 accounts.One is "Daemeon the Noble", and the other is"Jamala R."