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PvX This user plays PvE and PvP.
From Melbourne, Australia
Age 20 years old
Server America
Played 40something month(s)
Campaign(s) Prophecies
Eye of the North
Guild N/A
Best Title Titles are for chumps.
Favorite Profession Necromancer Necromancer
Favorite Skill Necromancer Spiteful Spirit

Hello my name is Seph, I am a awesome guy. If you see me ingame "/bow" and give me all your plat and awesome items as a tribute to the 'Give Seph All Your Plat And Awesome Items' fund. Then brag how you gave all your stuff to me. Your friends will be so jealous of you because they didn't get the idea to donate to me first.

About Me[edit]

I'm awesome, what more do you need to know? Wanna know something else? I'm better than you. Yes you, the person reading this, unless it is myself that is reading this and if I am reading this, then "you're awesome! can I have your autograph? will you do my mother?" to which I would answer "I know that already, yes, yes no because that would be incest." But if you're not me then the answers are "Why yes I am, fuck off, yes I will do your mother."

The Story of Seph[edit]

The first 3 chapters of the award winning book can be found on it's own seperate page because it's just that epic that it needed it's own GuildWiki page. Click on this huge link and prepare to read the best book you will ever read. Seriously Oprah is choosing it as her new Oprah's Book Club book next month.

Awesome Characters That I Play Because They Are Awesome[edit]

And some others that I am not listing because they are terrible and I don't like them.

Things I've Done That I'm Not Really Proud Of...[edit]

Bought Guild Wars.

Bought Guild Wars: Factions.

Bought Guild Wars: Nightfall

Bought Guild Wars: Eye of the North

Joined Stewards Of The Ancient Rites [STAR]

Became an officer in the Stewards Of The Ancient Rites [STAR]

Became the creator of the abomination frenzy noob warrior that is Gordam Griefgiver

Talked shit to my Alliance in a few weeks. (Why is this under 'Things I've Done That I'm Not Really Proud Of', I was kinda proud when I did this)

Experienced epic wincest. (This too. Nothing proud-breaking here.)

Your mother. (And this to- Oh wait, your mother was an ugly spacker, now I remember... Not like I want to remember in the first place.)

Watched Stewards Of The Ancient Rites [STAR] die.

Joined Hostages of the Underworld [HotU]

Left Hostages of the Underworld [HotU] for Knights of the Willow [Kw]

Left guildless after [Kw] ended due to something or something.

Rejoined Stewards Of The Ancient Rites [STAR] to bring it out of retirement.

User Boxes Lol[edit]

Frenzy.jpg This user got conned into joining the now defunct Stewards Of The Ancient Rites.
Kw This user is a member of the Knights Of The Willow.

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