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Stewards Of The Ancient Rites [STAR]

Stewards Of The Ancient Rites [STAR]
Guild Stewards Of The Ancient Rites cape.jpg
Territory America
Language English
Leader Mule
Faction Luxon
Type PvE
No. of members 30+
Guild Hall Druids Isle
Forums [1]


This guild still exists as a secondary hall for KW. This enables us to save money on buying a full hall, and gives us an additional hall to practice GvG from without buying a new sigil every time.

RIP [STAR], Oct. 2006 - Aug. 2008

Stewards Of The Ancient Rites is just your average 'casual guild', as casual as a 18+ guild can be. [STAR] has been around since October 2006 and in that time has recruited only like-minded individuals to share in our philosophy of gaming: "meh".

The ultimate litmus test would perhaps be "The Story of STAR". If you laugh your ass off, you should probably join. If you're offended, you should examine your life.

The story is found on our forums. You can read it here. [[2]] WARNING: Probably not work-safe.

There is no bullshit "council of elders" or anything else retarded. There is no "arbitration process" for infractions of guild rules. There is no "trial period" for new members. All that stuff is way lame and makes PLAYING A GAME seem more like work.

On the practical end, we're a Luxon PvE guild that does AB from time to time. We have a fully staffed hall and are part of the [HotU] alliance, which is currently rebuilding after our former alliance leader couldn't take a joke about drugs, and then his successor and his guild couldn't handle a discussion on rare niche pornography.


Candidates wishing to join [STAR] need to note the following:

  • Must be mature. By mature, we don't mean 18+. We mean you need to be able to debate and discourse and above all, take a goddamn joke.
  • Must not be easily offended, Guild Chat and Alliance Chat can get pretty 18+ without warning.
  • For us, GW is more of a forum to chat with close friends rather than ub3r p0wn /\/\0bz. You're just as likely to discuss music, culture, politics, literature, sex, drugs, and pornography as you are to kill Shiro.

As a "casual guild", the activity level requirements are pretty lax, one-ish weeks for officers, two or three weeks for members. There are no other requirements, other than you must NOT be a total jackass (details follow).

What constitutes a jackass, or, "what must I do to get kicked out of STAR?"

  • Spam guild chat in any way, shape or form, including but not limited to:
  • Trade spam.
  • Price check spam.
  • Begging for handouts. We'll help you EARN what you want, but we won't just give it to you.
  • Constantly asking for builds. We'll give you build ADVICE and the occasional farming template, but have some brains and make your own builds.
  • Attempt to scam fellow members.
  • Beg to be an officer. When you're worthy, we'll make the promotion.
  • Type like you earned a "D" in typing class. We have some modicum of respect for the English language.
  • Be immature (ZOMG WHY U NT LT ME AB WIT U).
  • Fail to fellate the leader and/or officers at least three times a day.

Other than that, the guild chat rules don't exist. You can pretty much say whatever you want. Honestly. If you get offended easily, STAR is not the guild for you. We're all mature (LOL) adults.

Alliance chat rules are similar, but we try to observe a tad more civility. Try not to openly offend anyone.

Contact information

Basicly contact anyone on the Roster list for any questions concerning [STAR] and/or recruitment that you wish to have answered.



General Echo...... I mean who?

List of people who HAVEN'T ragequit STAR

General Echo.... seriously, who is that?

People who ragequit [STAR] and are of some importance (lol)

Xerxes Mithdrim


Vaelnn Stonefist

Eva Draskovick

Kirenne Starfire

Kheraz Zarahi

Sephron Darkchild

The Alice

Fiona Nightmist

Arkanik Of Da Order

Amelinda Dengani

Melandru Of Hope

Unknown Alliance
Leader Unknown
Members Unknown