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NightfallMissionIcon.pngGeneral Information


I started playing Guild Wars in late 2005 after having been introduced to the game by a friend. In my infinite noobness, I tooled around and did nothing of any merit. In 2006, I bought Factions. In another shining example of my infinite noobness, I didn't link my account to both Prophecies and Factions. After pleading with support, I was given another Prophecies key (a new Factions key could have saved them a lot of trouble) and then linked it with my "new" Factions account. I then gave my old Prophecies account to a friend who ended up quitting about a month later. It wasn't until the release of Nightfall that I found my profession of choice: the Dervish. There really isn't much else to explain. As they say, everything else is history.

NightfallMissionIcon.pngGuild History, Status, Etc.

  • I was member to a series of shitty and useless guilds that have long-since disbanded in my early days.
  • February '07: Joined [STAR] and made an officer shortly after.
  • August '08: Founded [Kw] after the explosion of [STAR].

NightfallMissionIcon.pngAccount-wide Titles


Team Build Concepts:

References/Guides (NOT BY ME)

NightfallMissionIcon.pngMOAR BULLSHIT!

  • For those of you that keep fucking asking, my naming scheme is pretty fucking simple. Elonian characters were given Persian and Mediterranean names, Canthans were given Korean names, and Tyrians have European names. ZOMG!
  • I am guilty of playing "Barbie" with my characters. I have way too many character slots (all in-use) and way too many armor sets per character. Some characters were made solely because I wanted a specific armor set. As a result, I have more than one of most professions. Above, on the navbar, are those I would consider "primary" due to skill acquisition, experience, titles, etc.
  • People should be permabanned for being incapable of typing appropriately.

NightfallMissionIcon.pngElder Characters

As the above mentions, now a section is provided to enshrine those elder characters that are still surviving:

Necromancer-tango-icon-20.png Alicia Ravenwrath -- Second character ever created.
Elementalist-tango-icon-20.png Haley Emberheart -- Third character created, first Elementalist.

And to commemorate the deserving yet no longer with us:

Necromancer-tango-icon-20.png Magnus Ravenwrath -- First character created, a terrible N/W Meleemancer that finished Prophecies in 2006.


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