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Here are some builds I use for certain arenas, I will posting more from time to time. I won't be posting them all but easy ones to take or make. You can leave a comment for opinion, hate them, idea improvement, questions, etc. Same principles, from the main page and from the bad skills section, apply if you desire to do so. Below the builds there will be notes like this:


My objective is to share with the community, even thought you can find builds in PvX, this are some builds for ideas. Not all builds I use will be posted.

I won't display how I distribute the attribute points. This builds are in PvP in mind since PvE you can have many versatile(fun) builds. Most builds, if not all, targets AB, JQ and FA.

My favorite professions will be first.


Spirit Light.jpg
Spirit Light
Mend Body and Soul.jpg
Mend Body and Soul
Energetic Was Lee Sa.jpg
Energetic Was Lee Sa
Weapon of Shadow.jpg
Weapon of Shadow
Resilient Weapon.jpg
Resilient Weapon
  • Efficient in FA for both sides. If you are in luxon side, stay behind the turtle's group and avoid enemy contact.
  • Substitute Preservation Preservation for Xinrae's Weapon Xinrae's Weapon.
  • Substitute Spirit Light Spirit Light for Spirit Transfer Spirit Transfer.
  • Cast Energetic Was Lee Sa(EWLS) as soon as you hit the 20-25 energy mark or cast it before/after casting your first Recuperation.
    • MAX your Spawn Power to get better benefit from EWLS.
    • For this you will need a high energy set. At least near the 50 energy.
    • Don't let your energy get lower than 20-25. You will have energy problems at the beginning after casting EWLS.
Renewing Memories.jpg
Renewing Memories
Wielder's Remedy.jpg
Wielder's Remedy
Xinrae's Weapon.jpg
Xinrae's Weapon
Resilient Weapon.jpg
Resilient Weapon
Protective Was Kaolai.jpg
Protective Was Kaolai
Soothing Memories.jpg
Soothing Memories
  • Maintain Protective Was Kaolai at all times for armor and Renewing Memories's effect.
  • Remember you can "double drop" PwK for a party heal spike.
Boon of Creation.jpg
Boon of Creation
Signet of Binding.jpg
Signet of Binding
Ritual Lord.jpg
Ritual Lord
Anguished Was Lingwah.jpg
Anguished Was Lingwah
  • Good for FA in favor of the kurzicks.
  • Substitute Anguished Was Lingwah Anguished Was Lingwah for Pain Pain.
  • Prep. Anguished Was Lingwah(AwL) before and after battle, not during. Drop it to gain additional energy from Boon of Creation when necessary. Do not spam it to get another Pain out.
  • Do not spam spirits. Summon the ones needed to attend the situation. Shelter will "turn off" most of the damage from the turtle's siege attacks.
  • Try to wait for Signet of Binding to recharge before summoning a Shelter or Displacement.
  • Not so great for JQ. If you desire to go JQ, substitute Disenchantment Disenchantment for Dissonance Dissonance and summon it, with anticipation, almost from an earshot distance of the shrine to interrupt solo players getting the shrines.
Spirit Transfer.jpg
Spirit Transfer
Mend Body and Soul.jpg
Mend Body and Soul
Weapon of Shadow.jpg
Weapon of Shadow
Resilient Weapon.jpg
Resilient Weapon
Attuned Was Songkai.jpg
Attuned Was Songkai
  • If you want to help everyone, avoid using Weapon of Warding (PvP).
  • Perfect to stall in favor of the Kurzicks in FA.
  • Try to keep your energy as close as or higher than 20 before casting Attuned Was Songkai.
  • Be sure to cast Attuned Was Songkai before summoning Recuperation.
  • If everything is setup nicely, an ally can have +24 armor, +9 health regen and an additional +5 health regen from Rejuvenation. +24 armor and 28 health gain per second for an ally.


I'm not fond of Paragons attacking like Warriors since they don't have skills for this job. Going R/P will give you an edge if you desire to do that.

Another thing, substitute any attack chain in the Paragon for the Aggressive Refrain deep wound combo. If you dont have a way to deal with Cracked Armor, remember you are an easy target to hit. Substitute any attack skill with Holy Spear Holy Spear if the summons, Ritualist's spirits or Necromancer's minions, are running amok.

Merciless Spear.jpg
Merciless Spear
Blazing Spear.jpg
Blazing Spear
Spear of Lightning.jpg
Spear of Lightning
"Make Your Time!".jpg
"Make Your Time!"
Hexbreaker Aria.jpg
Hexbreaker Aria
Aria of Zeal.jpg
Aria of Zeal
Song of Purification.jpg
Song of Purification
Signet of Synergy.jpg
Signet of Synergy
  • Substitute Blazing Spear Blazing Spear for Wearying Spear Wearying Spear for constant +10...34...40 damage.
  • Substitute Aria of Zeal Aria of Zeal with another chant for the right situations.
    • Aria of Zeal for the fact that you will midline and monks or ritualist are the ones who's going to heal you and casters are more in abundant than melee.
  • "Make Your Time!" to fast recharge Song of Purification(SoP) or if you where throwing a spear in the first place, an instant SoP.
Merciless Spear.jpg
Merciless Spear
Blazing Spear.jpg
Blazing Spear
Spear of Lightning.jpg
Spear of Lightning
"Make Your Time!".jpg
"Make Your Time!"
Anthem of Envy.jpg
Anthem of Envy
Crippling Anthem.jpg
Crippling Anthem
Anthem of Weariness.jpg
Anthem of Weariness
"Fall Back!".jpg
"Fall Back!"


Ice Spikes.jpg
Ice Spikes
Freezing Gust.jpg
Freezing Gust
Armor of Mist.jpg
Armor of Mist
Water Attunement.jpg
Water Attunement
Aura of Restoration.jpg
Aura of Restoration
Glyph of Lesser Energy.jpg
Glyph of Lesser Energy
  • Perfect for AB in castle maps.
  • You will solo shrines and solo any castle guards. Be sure to cast Maelstrom first.
  • Ice Spikes is chosen over Shard Storm so you can kill the castle tower guards.