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Shanaeri Rynale[edit]

Prophecies / Factions / Nightfall
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  • Guild Leader Of The DVDF Forums [DVDF]
  • Total age  : 15,600 hours over 74 months.
  • Total exp for Shan : 29,568,068.
  • Maxed Titles  : 30
  • Favourite Locations: Home, the beach, UW/FoW
  • Armour/Weapons  : Mainly wears Fow, Torment staff
  • Pet(s)  : Spider, but rarely used
  • Most Hated Enemies : Nerf Bats, otherwise none
  • Quests  : Has done All of them
  • Age  : 21 - what else
  • Character Birthplace Tyria
  • Family Ties - Parents died in the searing, has 5 sisters which are now scattered all over
  • Marital Status - Single and loving it
  • Place of Residence: Shan Currently resides in a floating penthouse in Vabbi, overlooking the mirror of Lys
  • Fears - Losing her armor collection and Nerf Bats
  • Shan has also had many portraits done,some at her request others as surprise gifts
Mesmer-icon.png This user is a Mesmer by nature.
European flag.png This user plays in the
European territory.

The main alliance, DVD Forums, is aligned with Kurzicks. A second alliance, The Build Company (also with the [DVDF] tags), is aligned with Luxons.

Dvd Forums Alliance
Leader Dvd Forums
Members Greener PasturesGoing FishingDvdfs Away From The Game

The Build Company Alliance
Leader The Build Company
Members The Build Company