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Ranger.png About me +

Hey everyone, I'm a male player, 30 years old now. I live in Belgium, near the seaside, but I was born in Leuven, where the best beer in the world is made (Stella Artois). My nickname is in fact Trib. But I cannot call a female ranger Trib because it's kind of a male name, so I turned it into Tribina.
I started playing guildwars in June 2005 after a friend showed me the game. I just love this game! Before I started playing Guild Wars, I was guild leader in a game called Mu-Online. When I started to play GuildWars I dragged a big part of my guild in Mu-Online along.
I have been mentioned once on the official Community News once, not by name but as 'photographer': interview with the photographer

Ranger.png Contact me +

I would love it if you left a message on my talk page User_talk:Tribina or you could contact me in game. I have 2 accounts, my main account has my primary Ranger Tribina Mutant character, you can add me to your Friends List to check if I'm online or not. Creator of a not-listed fan site GuildBase, a party calendar for Guilds.

Ranger.png Guild and Friends +
  • Leader of Mu Tants (MU).
  • Website: Mu Tants(MU)
  • Guild of the Week GotW 2007-01-16 (proud as hell)
  • I get along great with most people. What I appreciate most about friendship is:
    • Good communication and contact.
    • Honesty & Respect
    • Maturity (no whining and complaining/cursing all the time)
    • Activity (I don't mean hours/played but acting instead of talking)
Ranger.png User Boxes +
Ranger-tango-icon-200.png This user is a Ranger by nature.
User Tribina Baselogo.jpg This user uses GuildBase to organize guild parties .
PvE This user enjoys PvE.
User Elder Mulogo.jpg This user is a proud member of
Mu Tants.
Ranger.png Fun stuff+

Some random things about me.

  • I have a 18 characters.
  • I have 2 accounts.
  • I love my Ranger.
  • I drive a motor bike.
  • I love the internet.
  • I use Teamspeak a lot
  • I love my girlfriend Trinneke
  • I got 2 cats

Ranger.png People from Arenanet I met Diary Report+

Ranger.png People from Arenanet I would like to meet +

  • about 148 other people (all of them ^^)

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GuildWars Addict