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Born under a dark moon, Demonica's fate became quite clear when she animated her first undead minion at the age of 12. Intrigued by the dark arts, she adepted herself in their use for good and evil. It was after the Searing in her birth continent Tyria that she realised she was needed for a greater purpose. She followed prince Rurik on his retreat from the charred lands of Ascalon, pledging her services only to be used for the greater good. She swore revenge after Rurik's death, and that she achieved by eliminating the Lich Lord, thus saving Tyria from a grave fate.

Heeded by the call for help from the continent of Cantha, she made her way there to find there are more threats in this world. A continent filled with plague infested creatures, serving only the purpose of bringing back a criminal from the Mists into this world, was exactly what she needed to find yet another cause in her life. It was during that time she animated her first Flesh Golem, only to witness the tremendous power the creature had. She made quick work of the infestation in Cantha, and banished Shiro Tagachi back to the Mists, for once and for all.

But in this world there is never a dull moment for a true hero, and that she realised when she heard about the unsettling distress coming from the Elonian continent. A foul god who wanted to make a comeback, bringing with him terrors even a Flesh Golem would be scared of, was turning the once so peaceful continent into a place of horror and death. Once again, inspired by her belief that she can and would make a difference, she headed out. But she wasn't all by herself, since she met some very nice people who offered their assistance to her. These people quickly became friends (she'll never forget the good times she had with Koss, dancing at the campfire), and together they managed to end the threat of Abaddon's return.

Some time passed, and she spent these months wandering around the continents, making sure everything remained as peaceful as it was. Exploring a bit, vanquishing great beasts that put fear in people's hearts, ... Alas, yet another evil found its way to the world as she rushed back to her beloved Tyria to find that recent earthquakes had unveiled places that spawned creatures know as Destroyers. Finding allies amongst the Ebon Vanguard, the Norn, the Asura and the Dwarves was necessary, since this would be a battle the world had never seen. But it was not all despair and distress that time, since Demonica reunited with a girl she had known in the peaceful Tyria, before the Searing: Gwen. The fight was long, and deadly intense, but in the end the Great Destroyer had to bow to the superiority of our Necromancer and was struck with the final blow.

Peace returned to the continents, but for how long?


User Tribio Demonica Hatreidis.jpg

Name: Demonica Hatreidis
Birth continent: Tyria
Level: 20
Profession: Necromancer


SS Necro

Parasitic Bond.jpg
Insidious Parasite.jpg
Hexer's Vigor.jpg
Spiteful Spirit.jpg
Signet of Lost Souls.jpg

Default Blood Necro

Life Transfer.jpg
Life Siphon.jpg
Shadow Strike.jpg
Vampiric Gaze.jpg
Vampiric Touch.jpg
Barbed Signet.jpg
Signet of Lost Souls.jpg

Minion Mistress

Taste of Death.jpg
Blood of the Master.jpg
Heal Area.jpg
Animate Bone Horror.jpg
Animate Vampiric Horror.jpg
Animate Bone Fiend.jpg
Animate Flesh Golem.jpg

55 hp N/Mo solo farmer

Spoil Victor.jpg
Life Siphon.jpg
Vampiric Touch.jpg
Protective Spirit.jpg
Balthazar's Spirit.jpg
Essence Bond.jpg
Signet of Capture.jpg


  • Legendary Skill Hunter
  • Legendary Spearmarshal
  • Protector of Tyria
  • Protector of Cantha
  • Completion of Nightfall
  • Completion of GW:EN
  • Elite Cultist Armor

Still To Do

  • Vanquish Tyria
  • Vanquish Cantha
  • Vanquish Elona
  • Protect Elona
  • Guard Tyria
  • Guard Cantha
  • Guard Elona