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Krilya Efir; Curator of the Halls of Chohkin[edit]

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This character's name is absolutely awful, but the user refuses to fuel marketing schemes by paying $15.00 for just a name change.

This character is currently shelved. Selected by Prince Mehtu to be Curator to the Halls of Chokhin at just 18, Krilya spent two years of his life within the walls of Chohkin, only recently travelling to obtain more books for the archives.

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This is a relavtively new character designed specifically for Role Play reasons with the guild Just Credibility [RP]. A perfect gentlemen, Krilya is loyal to his Prince, Mehtu, and to his friends. When his father killed himself and his mother by burning the house down under the influence of a potent new alcoholic drink, the Order of Whispers took Krilya away and raised him with a "surrogate" family. Reasons for the Whispers involvement s still a mystery to him today, but he doesn't let it bother him. Very intelligent with strong Necromantic skills, he makes sure his companions and friends are protected.

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Krilya wonders the world in his Elite Noble (dyed white) attire and Travelling Stick, given by his good friend Nicholas. He also has a pair of Slim Spectacles from Klub, designed by the House of Brauer. When going to parties that are a bit more fancy than common class, he'll be wearing his Elite Kurzick.

At the moment he is on an explorational journey to the lands North of Tyria with his companion Ithai Dalianis, an Orrian guardsmen who survived The Cataclysm. In no way is this plotline used to cover up my break from [RP].