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General Information[edit]

  • Character: Verlai Daemos/Wings Of Honour (main characters)
  • Location: Some shitty Conservative place near London.
  • Server: Europe
  • Age: Old and grisly.

The Daemos Triptych; Verlai, Yalta and Able Daemos

Wings Of Honour

Krilya Of Ether

User Wingsy Signature.jpg


Buying Guild Wars Prophecies pretty much on release date I found the PvP aspect of the game quickly addictive. I pretty much only PvE when I need a character to look pretty - once the campaigns were finished I had no desire to continue grinding like that. I would like to get better start enjoying it though, but I think it's far too late for that.

By far my best profession is Monk, but i am equally good in the others. I dislike playing Warrior, i just don't have the fun receptor that allows me to enjoy it.

I used to be a devout and experienced GvG'r, with top 200 experience as primarily a monk and flagger - although I also played midline as a substitute for other guilds. You can contact me at Wings Of Infekt.

My guild history is expansive, but the most notable guild I've been a member of was the GvG guild No Goats No Glory [BAAA], one of my favourite guilds that unfortunately went inactive...twice. [BAAA] has currently reformed and are in the top 300.

The signature upwards was made by my delightful friend Muna Chan who can be found ingame at her main account H U O or second account M E E R A.

And also at the GW2 wiki - Wingsy @ GW2


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