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No Goats No Glory [BAAA]

No Goats No Glory [BAAA]
Guild No Goats No Glory cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Language English
Leader Space Dementia I
Faction Luxon
Type PvP
Guild Hall Isle of Jade
VoIP Ventrilo
Time zone GMT

No Goats No Glory is a reform of Team Santa which disbanded at the end of March 2008. After the merge with 4 players from another guild No Goats No Glory was born and ready for GvG soon afterwards. Now the guild experience level ranges from those players who have come from top 100 - 200 guilds, anything above and no previous ladder experience. New members have come and gone but still the same group always came back together in the end, with over 1500 GvG's played to date.

We do not care that much about rank and rating although it is always nice to be on the ladder but it was never our main priority. We always wanted to keep a relaxed atmosphere in the guild without raging, immature behaviour against other members while keeping high standards while playing. We do not moan when we lose a game and are extreamly thrilled when winning one. Keeping this atmosphere in the guild made us reach the top 500 without even trying.

And you know why?

Because Goats Never Back Down!


Contact Space Dementia I for more information.

Contact Information

Contact Space Dementia I for more information.

Current Roster


  • None



  • Merajie Feniar Monk
  • Omniscient Martyn Monk

(All members can play different roles)

Honourable Ex-Members & GvGers:

  • Eugene Pontus Warrior
  • Migraine Goes War Warrior
  • Gregor Lightbringer Warrior
  • Rob Roy The Divine Warrior
  • Seri Xx Warrior
  • X Murfy X Elementalist
  • H U O Elementalist
  • Saber Sage Necromancer
  • Mes Of Temptation Mesmer
  • H I N K A Monk
  • Wings Of Inefect Monk
  • Arno Gives Health Monk
  • Holy Nirvana Monk
  • Rexs Mind Monk
  • Tasha Watches Bars Monk
  • Aeternum Vita Ritualist
  • I Voice I Ritualist

Molly Moll
Narked Off

No Goats No Glory Alliance
Leader No Goats No Glory
Members Unknown