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Wings Of Honour; And Her Companions[edit]

Dubbed this name by the Monks of the Serenity Temple, Wings has trvelled far and wide across the land, saving Tyria from the Lich King, defeating Shiro and besting Abaddon. With her newest adventure complete, the evil Destroyers eliminated, she has shipped to the Battle Isle's, in hope of new found glory.

User Wingsy Wings Of The Sacred.jpg

My first ever character in The Guild Wars world, Wings of Honour has been deleted and remade, through the 3 campaigns and in PvP, so i thought i'ld just group all my "Wings Monks" together. Honour has now retired to a more relaxed life? on the Battle Isles on my Second Account. To take up the mantle of monk of the realm is Wings Of The Sacred [above] on my main account who has done just as much as Honour but retained her Ascalon temple-yard buns.

As well as this is my wonderful PvP Monk on my main account, Wings Of Infekt [below]. She struts around her Guild Hall in her Reward Luxon armor and doesn't hesitate to show fellow guildies the power of her smites.

Recently, Wings of the Sacred, went into the world of Role-Play, as the blind monk who can see (confuses me sometimes too) before returning to Tyria wondering why she cannot kill Salma.


File:Wings Of Infekt.jpg

My Monks, between them, have accumalated Labyrinthine armor, Canthan armor, Ascalon armor dyed black, Deldrimor armor, Monk Elite Saintly armor and Norn armor. For RP purposes she also has a Blindfold. Their highest achievement to date? Defeating that damn mission Heart of the Shiverpeaks . After 29 attempts we finally pushed through! :)

User Wingsy Wings Of The Divine.jpg