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Assassin.png Mesmer.png

Shadow Form.jpg Final Death Wound favorite skill is Shadow Form

Assassin-tango-icon-48.png Final Death Wound I Breath through a ecto resperater.
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Completed Campaigns

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Miniature Ooze.pngMiniature Asura.pngMiniature Kuunavang.png
  • Experience: 2 Skills A Day
  • Pet:
4 or 5 ectos at a time.
  • Armor:
  • Titles:
  • Other Accomplishments:
  • many
  • Current Primary Focus:
  • Goals:
  • Heroes:


  • Heroes to get:



Arcane Echo.jpg
Arcane Echo
Deadly Paradox.jpg
Deadly Paradox
Shadow Form.jpg
Shadow Form
Spirit of Failure.jpg
Spirit of Failure
Radiation Field.jpg
Radiation Field
Cry of Pain.jpg
Cry of Pain
Ether Nightmare.jpg
Ether Nightmare
Glyph of Swiftness.jpg
Glyph of Swiftness
Deadly Paradox.jpg
Deadly Paradox
Shadow Form.jpg
Shadow Form
Glyph of Swiftness.jpg
Glyph of Swiftness
Mark of Rodgort.jpg
Mark of Rodgort
Lava Font.jpg
Lava Font
Fire Attunement.jpg
Fire Attunement
Dark Escape.jpg
Dark Escape

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