Wicked Wardens

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Wicked Wardens
Section Echovald Forest Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Dunmel Gorhopf
in Vasburg Armory
(Echovald Forest)
Type Secondary quest

Help to restore the spirit of Echovald Forest by destroying any corrupt wardens that you encounter.

Quest information[edit]


  • Travel throughout Echovald Forest and slay 40 wardens. You have killed [0...40] of 40 wardens.
  • See Dunmel Gorhopf for your reward.



Find and kill 40 wardens, then return to Dunmel for your reward. Wardens can be found in any area of Echovald Forest, although Arborstone and Morostav Trail seem to have high concentrations of them.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Dunmel Gorhopf
"For generations, my family has worked to protect the forest and its precious resources. In fact, it was my great-great-great grandmother who first noticed the connection between the wardens and the spirit of the forest. She realized that the wardens were doing the work of the forest spirit, protecting innocent travelers, punishing those who harmed the forest's creatures, and helping to guide the forest through the cycle of life and death.
After the Jade Wind came, we thought that the forest spirit had been destroyed or corrupted, for the wardens turned hostile and began attacking anyone and anything in sight. And now, this new plague seems to have made them even more crazed and hostile.
We've begun a campaign to eliminate the corrupted wardens, and we hope that by doing so, the ancient forest spirit, if it still lives, will awaken and breathe life into this forest once more. Unfortunately, with the war against the Luxons heating up, most of our capable fighters have been sent to the front lines. If you will eliminate any wardens you come across as you travel the forest, we'd be extremely grateful."
Yes Accept: "The wardens' days are numbered."
No Decline: "I'm busy right now."
Ask Ask: "I'm sure you're busy, but House Lutgardis will consider it a personal favor if you eliminate any wardens you come across in your travels."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Dunmel Gorhopf
"Thank you for your efforts. It's troubling to hear that their numbers have increased so much, but I appreciate your work. Please continue to eliminate any wardens you come across. We might not be able to destroy them all, but every little bit helps."


  • Can be combined with Vanquisher title since this will require you to kill the wardens.
  • This quest is very similar to Forgotten Retribution in the Nightfall campaign.