A Question of Morality

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A Question of Morality
Section Kourna Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Ruthless Sevad
in Barbarous Shore
Required hero Margrid the Sly
Followed by A Message for Janeera
Type Secondary quest
A Question of Morality - Herbalist Umjabwe.jpg
Herbalist Umjabwe from Command Post
A Question of Morality - Ruthless Sevad.jpg
Ruthless Sevad

Buy Ruthless Sevad's silence by doing him a favor.

Quest information[edit]


  • Required hero: Margrid the Sly




This can be started from either the Command Post, Yohlon Haven or Pogahn Passage. The party will need to make their way to Umjabwe, who can be found in the north-east side of Arkjok Ward overlooking the farmland areas. Umjabwe will be surrounded by a group of Kournans, which the party will have to defeat to continue the quest.

Once the Kourans are dispatched, speak to Umjabwe to get his supplies, and then decide who is more deserving of them: the corsair blackmailer Ruthless Sevad, or the needy village of Ronjok.

To get to Ronjok, it's quickest to map back to the Sunspear Sanctuary and walk out into the Marga Coast where you will find Elder Jonah. Ruthless Sevad as always will be found in the Barbarous Shore, south of Camp Hojanu. Should you choose to speak with Ruthless Sevad first, an additional quest can be picked up before he directs you to take the medicines to Elder Jonah anyway.



Humans (Kournan military)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Ruthless Sevad

"Ahoy! I hear there's a nice price on your head. All your heads. Pity if the Kournans found you lounging here.... I'll tell you what. You scratch my back, I'll keep your whereabouts to myself. There's an old herbalist, Umjabwe, traveling to the Marga Coast as we speak. This old man carries a lot of supplies. Bring me those supplies, and you earn my silence."
"Oh, be sure you don't draw the attention of the Kournans. I'd hate to lose my leverage before I get to use it."
Yes Accept: "Your silence is like your honor...easily bought. We will help."
No Decline: "Go ahead and try to turn me in, Ruthless."
Ask Ask: "Ruthless? I assure you, it's only a nickname. I'm a gambler by trade, nothing more. If you're interested in making a wager, I'm your man."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Herbalist Umjabwe: "Help! I'm being robbed by Kournans!"

Herbalist Umjabwe

"What kind of world is it where Kournan soldiers steal medicine from old men? Thank you for protecting me and my stock."
"The village or Ronjok badly needs my herbal remedies. A fever has broken out in the farms and it's killing young children. I need you to take these supplies to Elder Jonah. You're more trustworthy than those Kournan scum!"

Ruthless Sevad

"You have my supplies? Did you have any trouble? What? Balthazar's bladder! I told you to steer clear of the Kournans. What did you do? You took out a whole platoon! I can't fence this medicine now. They'll trace the killings to me. Take them away! Give them to your precious villagers! I hope they choke on them."
"Hmmm. Tell you what...take the medicine, with my compliments. And while you're heading there, you can deliver a message for me. Speak with me again when you're ready to take the message."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Elder Jonah (direct) If you go to Elder Jonah first without speaking to Ruthless Sevad:

"You've brought the remedies? Wonderful! It's fortunate Herbalist Umjabwe had you to depend on. I am grateful. I knew I would not rue the day we helped the Sunspears. Now if you'll please excuse me, I must get these supplies to the sick families."


Elder Jonah (after seeing Ruthless Sevad)

"Goodness, you're late! Did you wander around for a while before coming here? No, not with so many young lives on the line! Probably there was some horrible monster that stood in your way, eh? It matters not now. What is important is that you are here with the medicine. I am proud to know such brave, upstanding young heroes!"


  • To get the followup quest, you must return to see Ruthless Sevad, before taking the herbal remedies to Elder Jonah.