A Thorn in Varesh's Side

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A Thorn in Varesh's Side
Section Kourna Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Nerashi
in Gandara, the Moon Fortress
Preceded by Pogahn Passage or Rilohn Refuge
Type Secondary quest
A Thorn in Varesh's Side Map.jpg
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Weaken the Kournan military before they march north towards Jahai.

Quest information[edit]


  • Assault the Kournan column marching north to Jahai.
  • Fall back to escape the incoming Kournan army.
  • Hold off the Kournan ambush.
  • Run toward Pogahn to escape the Kournan reinforcements.
  • See Nerashi for your reward.


  • 2,500 Experience
  • 200 Gold
  • 100 Sunspear Promotion Points


Exit Pogahn Passage and head west. Clearing the path between the portal and Nerashi’s location, (including the two Kournan guards near Gandara's side gate) will make this quest easier.

Once you reach Nerashi, there are two possible strategies. The first option is the quicker, more direct approach. The second strategy takes longer, but can be easier & safer.

Strategy 1

Accepting the quest from Nerashi will cause three waves of Kournan soldiers to advance toward your location. Each wave must be completely defeated before the next will begin their approach.

The first wave is made up of Kournan Guards, Phalanxes and Bowmen.
The second wave is a combination of Kournan Priests, Seers and Scribes.
The third wave is a mix of Kournan Zealots and Oppressors.

Once the first three waves are defeated, the quest marker will update and Nerashi will tell the party to fall back. You can choose to stay and fight the extra groups, but be forewarned that all three waves will attack as one mob, and can easily overwhelm an unprepared party.

Whether you choose to fight or run, another Kournan ambush waits to the east, at the quest marker. Pulling the mobs toward the small bridge can help prevent over-aggro (and/or getting hit by Kournan siege fire from Gandara.) After the second set of Kournan mobs are killed, Nerashi will again advise the party to retreat. As before, you can choose to fight the incoming soldiers, or just run to the next quest marker right outside of Pogahn Passage.

Do not enter the portal. Wait for the quest to update, and then collect your reward from Nerashi.

Strategy 2

Instead of taking the quest from Nerashi, the easier approach is to completely ignore her until your party is finished clearing all the Kournans from the area.

The soldiers are clumped together into three large groups in the western plain just past Nerashi. (These mobs are the first three waves and both extra groups that chase the party.) They can be easily pulled and defeated, one at a time. Sometimes, one group will break off and gather around Nerashi, but will not attack her. Clear the remaining Kournans, and then pick off that mob as normal.

Consider activating the nearby resurrection shrine, so the party can easily pick up where they left off in case of disaster.

Once all three groups have been eliminated, continue back east and defeat the soldiers that spawn near the fortress. Scout the path back to Pogahn Passage, clearing any stray Kournans, then return to Nerashi to take the quest.

Follow her through the now-empty quest markers, but do not run into Pogahn Passage. Wait until the quest updates, then accept the reward.



  • Ranger 20 Nerashi (she continues to spawn in the area until completion of this quest)




Initial dialogue[edit]

"They will be moving north soon. We cannot hope to fight the whole Kournan army by ourselves, but now is a good chance to weaken their reinforcements. The rest of the column will be marching to Jahai, perhaps to invade Vabbi. If we do not bleed their strength, the Kournan forces may become unstoppable. Either way, the more we kill now, the less we will have to kill in Vabbi. Time is of the essence, but this is not a suicide mission...just kill as many as you can, and get out of here. We cannot let this Kournan column leave the area at full strength. It would mean the end of us all."
Yes Accept: "Those Kournans need a good bleeding!"
No Decline: "This is suicide! Are you sure it wasn't Dunkoro's idea?"
Ask Ask: "Just keep on fighting! Let's do as much damage to the Kournan column as we can!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Nerashi: "Ahai! It would appear we have stirred up a hornets' nest."
Nerashi: "Between the infiltration into Gandara and the death of the Drought, Varesh has found time to mobilize quite an army."
Nerashi: "Morgahn is getting ready to lead a column north, toward Jahai."
Kournan Phalanx: "KOURNAN SOLDIERS! Prepare to move out!"
Nerashi: "Looks like they're getting ready. We should strike against this column and do what damage we can."
Nerashi: "I think we may have made them angry... That's a whole lot of troops. We better fall back, and fast!"
(If you defeat the group of Kournans) Nerashi: "Incredible! I didn't think we would survive that. Let's get out of here while we can."
Nerashi: "An ambush! Dispatch these foes quickly. We don't have much time before the whole fort comes down on us."
Nerashi: "Here they come! Balthazar's blade, look at them all! There are too many of them! Quick! Run for Pogahn and don't look back!"
(If you defeat the group of Kournans) Nerashi: "Amazing! That was some of the best fighting I have ever seen. Good work. Now, let's get moving to Pogahn."
Nerashi: "Phew! We made it. Pogahn is just around the corner."

Reward dialogue[edit]

"Good! That should slow them down. You have shown great courage today considering the impossible odds. Now let's get out of here before anyone else sees us."


  • It is recommended that you complete this quest prior to vanquishing the area, as it spawns several mobs of Kournan Soldiers.