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A Luxon controlled Amber mine.

Amber mines are special shrines that give players amber chunks in the competitive mission of Fort Aspenwood in the game of Factions.


In the competitive mission of Fort Aspenwood, there are three amber mines: Purple Amber Mine, Orange Amber Mine, and the Green Amber mine. At the start of the mission, the Luxons control all the amber mines, and is the thing that most Kurzicks head for first, as they need Raw Amber Chunks to help them to win.

  • To Kurzicks, they need these mines for Raw Amber Chunks, or Refined Amber Chunks (taken from the Green Mine) to repair their Orange and Purple Gates, or to speed up the process of the great weapon they are constructing to defeat the Luxons, called God's Vengeance.
  • To the Luxons, there is no real purpose for the amber, but they act as a resurrection shrine to them which can help them get to the front lines much faster than coming from the Luxon base.


While in control of Amber Mines:

  • Luxon NPCs that protect the mines when in control are:



  • Although it is the most difficult to capture the Green Amber Mine if you are a Kurzick, since it has Refined Amber Chunks, when giving it to a Gate Keeper or Master Architect Gunther it equals the same amount of 2 Raw Amber Chunks, which makes finishing the mission much faster.
  • Kurzicks should not try to capture the Green Amber Mine, unless your team seems to be winning, and will be okay without you.
  • If Kurzick players would like to try and capture the Green Amber Mine, it should be easier to accomplish if you take out the command posts next to it first, as you would not aggro anymore NPCs which would make the fight harder, as they would be under your control.


  • Luxons should try to control at least one of the Orange and Purple Amber Mines at all times to be able to return back to the front lines as quickly as possible to invade the Kurzick Fort.
  • For Luxons, it should be quite easy to keep the Green Amber Mine in their control as it is right beside the to Command Posts as there are Luxon NPCs there too to help out, unless they are controlled by the Kurzicks.

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