Announcer Spikesan

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Announcer Spikesan
Canthan farmer m.jpg
Affiliation Canthans
Type Human
Level(s) 10
Campaign Core

Announcer Spikesan is an announcer for the rollerbeetle races.



When spoken to:

"Take your seats, ladies and gastropods. Take your seat. The next race is about to begin! You will not want to miss this one. It is certain to be bugtacular. Har har har!"

Speech bubbles during Canthan New Year 2007

"It's a beautiful day for a race, folks. A beautiful day."
"The sun is shining and the wind is blowing...away from the stables."
"The beetles are ready and screeching to go. And...they're off!"
"Bailey is cruising right along. But Roach has taken the lead! He is really smoking now!"
"They're coming up to the turn. Keaton is juiced up, but Wark looks like he may choke under the pressure."
"Ringo, the late comer, is moving up the pack. He just might be a star today."
"Herbie is moving at a fine clip. That bug just loves to roll."
"Coming around the corner, Scurries in Daylight finally emerges from the shadows."
"Oh my Gods! Kringle's Little Helper is rolling the wrong way!"
"And bringing up the rear is...Beetlebomb. Looks like he's blown his chance again."
"At the finish line, it's McQueen Bee-tle by a mandible. What a race, folks. What a race!"

Speech bubbles during Gamer Weekend and Canthan New Year 2008

"Welcome back, ladybugs and gentlement. Burrow into your seats and prepare for another wild day at the races!"
"They're out of the gates and already it's a bloodbath. Crunches underfoot takes a hit to the shell and spins out of control!"
"Down, down...down they go. Feelers whipping the dirt, a dust trail in their wake."
"Ankle Biter moves to the head of the pack. What a nuisance!"
"But wait, here comes Bubonic like a plague out of nowhere!"
"This could be it, folks."
"They're heading to the finish line...almost there...OH NO! WHAT AN UPSET!"
"Bubonic takes a shot to the rear by Death's Head! That bug hunts like a hawk!"
"Death's Head wins in a stunning display of prowess! Don't forget to visit our snack stand during intermission. Half off on Lunar festival leftovers!"
"The crowd is teeming with excitement and the rollerbeetles are rarin' to go!"
"Three! Two! One! And...they're off!"


Spikesan is based on the 1940s comedic bandleader Spike Jones. In one musical parody, Jones played the announcer at a horse race (set to the William Tell overture) with humorous puns similar to Spikesan's announcing, including the winning horse Beetle Bomb.