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Guild Wars 2 Suggestions

Guild Hall Games(Discussion)

It may be benefitial to a Guild as it's own community and for the community to have some board, card, and other types of games in the guild hall. In games that would take a long time to complete, or possibly a long time, add the feature to save the game and go back to it later. Here is a list of some suggested games that can be held in the guild hall, and please feel free to add other games to the list with a short description, as well as expand on other ideas:

Guild Wars Chess

Basic chess with instead of your typical chess pieces, GW piece sets to stylize and represent the classic chess pieces. And perhaps for aesthetic reasons and player taste reasons have different visual sets and "chess boards".

  • Perhaps have a set that represents the professions in the game, have a set with Shiro Tagachi and his Shiro'ken, a set with different kinds of Djin, and etc.
  • Chess Board wise, you could have a plain checkered board, grassy terrains, shores, temples, locations, etc.
  • Both of these would help to spice the game up visual wise.

Guild Wars Checkers

Basic checkers, same ideas for stylizing the pieces and board as in GWChess.

Dodge Ball/Dragon Arena

Some form of dodge ball or a GW2 "dragon arena" just for the guild hall.

Tag and Freeze Tag

The simple game of Tag and it's Freeze Tag variant, perhaps with a pre-set utility of a certain bar of skills.

Treasure Hunt

A game where you (or you and your team) and your opponet (or your opponet and his team) are in an instanced area with a complex environment, and you must collect some kind of object of value, and whoever(or which team) collects the most wins. However, there are two conditions:

  1. One player cannot affect another player in any way, only the environment can affect the player.
  2. All the treasures are hidden somehow somewhere in the environment,and you have to use whatever skills you brought with you to find them. Note that these treasures cannot be found by holding Ctrl/Alt down, they are hidden from sight and trying to find them is guess work.

(Example: There is a Living (as in with a soul and with a face) Tree in an environment. You think there might be a treasure in it's leaves, so you cast fireball at the leaves in hopes of finding the object. If you were wrong: The tree would retaliate and hit you away from hit and knock you down. If you were right: The object falls out of the tree and you are not "punished".} So in that example is another fun point in the game, if you guess wrong, something bad happens.

  • You may want either a pre-set skill bar for this game or let players bring their own skills.


Some players may like the game of backgammon.

GW Canthan (Chinese) Checkers

Chinese Checkers from Cantha, may want to add differnt arts to the game pieces somehow.


A polymock arena for the guild hall.

  • With arenas corresponding to the hall perhaps?
  • In the case of custom guild halls, have an arena either as random or choosable?

Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzles that the guild can work on leisurly and everyone together.

Guild Wars Monopoly-Like Game

Guild wars version of a monopoly-like game, if possible without breaking copyrights.

Guild Wars TCG

Some form of an in-game GW-TCG would be great, could become complex or too much of a hassle to do.

Card Games

A sublist for card games. All cards should be GW art styled, perhaps even with different art style decks to choose from. Feel free to expand and elaborate on this sub-list.

  • Battle
  • Speed
  • California Speed
  • Hearts
  • Go Fish
  • Solitare (If you can't find anyone to play with, but want to stay on to talk to friends)
  • Spider Solitare (" ")
  • BS (Bull S...) (Of course, if you use this game you will want to find something else to call it and something else to declare someone a liar, perhaps casting Blinding Surge! on someone to declair a lie would be ideal, or something to that effect of a skill in GW2 (I know blinding surge will most likely NOT be in GW2)
  • Trash/Booger (both are the same thing)
Why this is a good idea
  • Adds fun things to do withen a guild hall.
  • Good for a small "break" from the normal mechanics of Guild Wars
  • Allows you to stay on during a break and talk/hang-out with GW friends
  • Could possibly bring a guild a little closer together with games.
  • This really adds a simple to design and create, and fun aspect to the game. Many MMOs have Gamerooms similar to this (Ultima Online, Runescape, etc.).
Why it may not work out

Prize Box

  • Completely blank brown box with "An interesting reward in side"
  • Able to hold 5 items.
Why this is a good idea
  • You need a reward
  • Can put many rewards in it.
  • Its a random reward so it adds to the games.
Why this is a bad idea
  • People might collect and trade the rewards.
Make the rewards you get from the box untradeable? 14:53, 23 August 2008 (UTC)