Basket of Apples

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Basket of Apples
Basket of Apples.jpg
Single-use No
Related quest The Orchard
Campaign Prophecies

The Basket of Apples is a bundle for the quest The Orchard. Picking this item will spawn additional Giant Needle Spiders on the way back (even outside of the quest).



  • Picking up the Basket of Apples will add exactly 6 spiders popups: 3 next to the arches and 3 others at the entrance of the orchard area (locations with already regular spiders spawns).
    • You can drop the basket immediately, as the spiders will spawn regardless of it being carried.
    • A spider may spawn inside a tree.
    • This does not cause spiders to spawn in the western area.
  • This item will appear regardless of its related quest completion.