Bound spirit

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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars Factions.

Bound spirits are spirits of departed mortals that have been summoned back to the mortal world and bound in a physical shell to the service of their master.

Shiro Tagachi abuses his power as an Envoy (which gives him great powers over the souls of the dead) and binds spirits to his evil bidding. This is done through the use of spirit binders, constructs devised by Shiro. The spirit binder provides the spirits with a mortal body to fight in while Shiro's power binds them to his service. For this, they are called the Shiro'ken. The Shiro'ken are animated through the use of Soul Stones.

Shiro'ken are not the only things that contain a bound spirit; Kurzick Juggernauts also contain a bound soul (albeit done so voluntarily).


  • The use of the term "spirit" is done in the general sense of ghosts and souls, as opposed to the creature type Spirit created by Rituals.