Bound Ritualist

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Bound Ritualist
Shiro'ken martial.jpg
Affiliation Shiro's army
Type Shiro'ken
Profession Ritualist Ritualist
Level(s) 20 (26)
Campaign Factions

Bound Ritualists are constructs that serve Shiro Tagachi. They replace Ritualist party members during the Imperial Sanctum mission whenever Shiro uses the skill Echoing Banishment on them.




  • Killing this creature will bring back the player that was banished.
  • Even though they are not marked with a special aura, the death of these creatures will give a Morale Boost and recharge all skills (including Resurrection Signets and Celestial skills) like the death of a boss. In addition, they do double damage.
  • Signet of Capture cannot be used on them.