Centaur Harness

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Centaur Harness
Salvage Light Armor.png Salvage Medium Armor.png Salvage Heavy Armor.png
Rarity Varies
Type Salvage item
Value Varies
Stackable No
Campaign Prophecies
Common salvage Bolts of Cloth (light)
Tanned Hide Squares (medium/heavy)
Iron Ingots (heavy)
Rare salvage Bolts of Linen (light)
Bolts of Silk (light)
Leather Squares (medium)
Steel Ingots (heavy)
Salvage Heavy Armor.jpg

Centaur Harnesses are salvage items dropped by centaurs throughout the Maguuma Jungle. Unlike most salvage items, Centaur Harnesses come in three different varieties (light, medium, and heavy armor) depending on the profession of the centaur and if the centaur that drops the item is a boss.


Light version:

Medium version:

Heavy version:

Drop research is ongoing and can be found here.