Cover Your Tracks

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Cover Your Tracks
Section Realm of Torment Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Keeper Kauniss
in Gate of Secrets
(Realm of Torment)
Preceded by Know Thine Enemy
Followed by Open Season
Type Secondary quest
Cover Your Tracks map.jpg
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Quest information[edit]


  • Escort Kauniss to Atrocity Library. Kauniss must survive.
  • Protect Kauniss while he casts the Incantation of Fog. Kauniss must survive.
  • See Keeper Kauniss for your reward.



While in this area, your party suffers from the Veiled Nightmare environment effect (skills cost 40% more energy).

Your job is to protect Keeper Kauniss on its way to the Atrocity Library in the Domain of Secrets. If the Forgotten dies, the quest fails, and you must re-zone to resume the quest. There are two methods of completion:

  • Faster, more difficult: Follow the Forgotten on its path. Kill any enemies attacking it.
  • Slower, easier: Learn the scripted path (see the map), clear any patrols on or near the route, then approach the Forgotten. It takes approximately ten minutes for it to reach the destination if the path is clear of foes.

Keeper Kauniss only joins your party when a member moves within its aggro range. Whenever it is not directly engaged by the enemy, the Forgotten will continue its route without waiting for you.

The library is at the center of the Margonite stronghold just south of the Gate of Secrets; while there is a short, direct path to the library, Kauniss instead follows a long, winding route around the stronghold.

You will face Margonites, Graven Monoliths, Shadow Army creatures, and Shiro'ken Assassins along the way. When Kauniss arrives at its destination, it will quickly cast the fog spell. After this, a group of Shiro'ken Assassins will spawn, but the quest will be completed. Kauniss is removed from the Ally list and the Shiro'ken cannot hurt him. Thus the quest cannot fail anymore.






Initial dialogue[edit]

Keeper Kauniss

"Escort me through the Domain of Secrets, and then protect me while I cast an incantation. While we cannot defeat the Hunter, I can cast a spell to cover your trail so you may escape his grasp."
Yes Accept: "If this is the only way to deal with this being, so be it."
No Decline: "Cowering behind clandestine enchantments isn't the stuff of heroes."
Ask Ask: "Protect me on our journey and I will cast a spell to cover your tracks."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Keeper Kauniss, when spoken to in Domain of Secrets:

Keeper Kauniss: "There must be another way..."

After Keeper Kauniss reaches the center of the Atrocity Library

Keeper Kauniss: "It is done. The Hunter can no longer follow your scent. It is time the Hunter became the prey."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Keeper Kauniss

"It is done. The Hunter can no longer follow your scent. It is time the Hunter became the prey."


  • Chests might spawn in Keeper Kauniss path, making the quest impossible to complete.